This summer the F&S team had a new face at our Clayton Branch. Clayton High School student, Ethan Lawrence joined our operations team before starting his Senior year this August. We decided to sit down with Ethan for a little Q&A on how his summer gig was going.

Farmers & Stockmens (F&S): Why did you decide to take a summer job at the bank?

Ethan: The way I had decided to work at the bank was kind of odd, to say the least. This past school year I joined the cheerleading team, and my coach happened to work at the bank. I was looking for a summer job, so I went in to talk to my coach and decided to ask for a job at the bank. At first, neither party was serious about me working there, but the more I thought about it the more I believed, “This would be a great opportunity,” so I went back and seriously discussed it with my coach.

F&S: What has been the most enjoyable part of the job?

Ethan: The environment. Every co-worker is friendly, and it’s a really tight knit group. At F&S if you need help, you’ll get it.

F&S: What has been the most challenging part of the job?

Ethan: The hardest part for me so far has been working with customers who are in a bad mood. I smile through the exchange and try to be polite the entire time- everyone is entitled to a bad day.

 F&S: How does working at a bank compare to other jobs you’ve had- or to school?

Ethan: Working here at the bank is unlike any job I’ve ever had. It’s a “real world” job and it’s more professional than all my other jobs. The main difference to me, is working at the bank you’re helping others not just the business and/or yourself.

F&S: Do you know what you want to do as a job/career in your future?

Ethan: I am currently unsure what I want to do after high school. But, if I’m ever in need of a job during college (or wherever I go next), I now have banking experience, which will probably make it easier for me to secure a job.

F&S: What are some skills you’ve learned at the bank that you think can help you in your future endeavors?

Ethan: The main (and most valuable) skill I have learned here is customer service. I can now deal with customers in a very professional and kind manner.

F&S: Is there anything else you’d like to add about your experience at F&S this summer?

Ethan: When I wake up during the school year it’s hard to get up and moving. But this summer, while working here at the bank, I get up happy as I could be – I love every aspect of this job.

Thanks for joining our team this summer, Ethan, we’re excited that you decided to stay on part time to help throughout the year. Best of luck as you head into your senior year!