Farmers & Stockmens Bank customers, Tyler & Shelby Campbell, were looking to purchase a home in Dalhart, Texas. Wanting to investigate all their options and ensure they were getting a competitive home loan rate, the Campbells checked in with their banker, Jordan Ward, to ask for any recommendations on mortgage lenders. Jordan referred the Campbells to our mortgage division – CB&T Mortgage – located in Colorado Springs, CO.

Jordan connected the Campbells with John Draper, a CB&T Mortgage loan adviser. John has been with CB&T Mortgage for 10 years and has worked in the home loan mortgage industry for more than 40. While CB&T Mortgage has a robust and easy to use online loan application, knowing that the Campbells were not located in Colorado Springs, John called them directly to talk through and complete the loan application together.

Talking through the home loan application allowed John to ask questions and gather details regarding any nuances that could hinder or help the loan application process as it got closer to closing time. Being an existing client of Farmers & Stockmens Bank made it a smooth process for gathering the necessary paperwork and background information to complete the application process in a timely manner.

Texas is not CB&T Mortgage’s primary market; however, CB&T Mortgage has secured mortgages across the United States. Working closely with the local real estate agents and title companies, the team helped complete the Campbell’s loan on-time and within the typical 30-day processing period. Thanks to the due diligence done up front by John, Jordan and the CB&T Mortgage team, there were no surprises or hiccups by the time everyone met for closing.

Purchasing a home and securing a long-term fixed rate loan can be an overwhelming and intimidating process. Working with dependable, knowledgeable people can help relieve that stress and make it an enjoyable experience. If you’re looking to purchase a home, second home, or vacation property, please take a moment to consider our mortgage division, CB&T Mortgage. To learn more about our team up in the Springs, click here.