As we continue to celebrate our centennial year, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our longest standing clients. After all, they are the reason we’re here today celebrating our 100th anniversary.

Today we want to highlight Bill Lamb, who’s been a customer of Farmers & Stockmens Bank for 75 years!  Bill Lamb was born in 1925 in Clayton and went to school here. He graduated in 1943 from Clayton High School and immediately enlisted in the Navy.

In 1946 he left the Navy and came back to the area living in Clayton, Felt and Texline over the next few years working on various ranches. He moved to Dalhart in 1973 and has lived there ever since. Bill was married for 50 years and he and his wife had 4 kids during that time. His wife passed away 20 years ago, but his family continued to grow, with his children having kids of their own.


When we asked Bill why he decided to set up his bank account with Farmers & Stockmens Bank back in 1946, he said he went with F&S because he knew the Chilcote’s personally. Mr. Chilcote spent his career at Farmers & Stockmens Bank, starting out as a cashier and working his way up to President of the bank. Bill went to school with Mr. Chilcote’s son, John Chilcote, and they were good friends. Choosing where to put your hard-earned money is a big decision. And who better to go with then those you know and trust?

Throughout Bill’s 75 years with Farmers & Stockmens Bank, team members have come and gone, but Bill said that the customer service has never changed. “The people at F&S Bank have always been very kind and helpful to me and I can’t imagine taking my business elsewhere.” Bill continued “My kids have tried to get me to move my account closer to them for years because it would be more convenient, but I can’t imagine doing that.”

Thanks to amazing customers like Bill Lamb, Farmers & Stockmens Bank is not only able to celebrate the past 100 years, but we can confidently look forward to the next 100.  Thank you, Bill, for putting your trust and confidence in Farmers & Stockmens Bank!