Our Approach

To build a better bank,
we started with better bankers.

If you’re familiar with the local financial community, you know our bankers—at least by reputation. With a great team in place, we have the experience to help you or your business chart a long-term financial course; one that fits your circumstances even when they may change.

And, since expertise is no good if you can’t access it, our entire staff is available to you. Just pick up the phone or stop by. To us, that’s what being local is all about.

Big Picture Banking

It’s so true, it has become cliché: Your financial needs are diverse. So, when you decide to bank with us, we ask a lot of questions to determine your goals, current capabilities, personal and business situations and–yes–your wishlist. We develop strategies that enable you to reach your goals faster, even if those goals change along the way.

Built on Relationships

Open an account at Farmers & Stockmens Bank, and you won’t get a directory of phone numbers. You’ll get a business card with the direct line and mobile phone of your banking team.

Have a Question?

Your banker will get you an answer right away.

Need a Specialist?

They’ll arrange a meeting.

With us, you won’t have to navigate a call center full of strangers, and you won’t hear, “It’s not my department.” You’ll save time, but more importantly, you’ll have access to one of the widest ranges of financial services in the region and receive personal attention.

Our Heritage:

Having been around for over 90 years, we have stood the test of time. Farmers & Stockmens Bank was established July 6, 1920, to serve the banking needs of Union County and the surrounding area. In its origination, the bank was owned and operated by local investors who saw the need for well-managed, honest banking in the Union County area. Over the years our commitment has remained unchanged and today we continue to be one of the best-managed and financially independent community banks in the area.

Farmers & Stockmens Bank is owned by Central Bancorp, Inc. Farmers & Stockmens Bank continues to be managed by local employees and directed by local businessmen who continue to maintain business and family ties to the community, and our Central Bancorp relationship offers our clients the stability they deserve in a bank.