The holiday season is a magical time of year. The music, the food, the presents, and most of all, the company you keep. While this time of year can stir up feelings of joy and happiness, it can also be a challenging time of year. Especially for those who have family members serving in the military or lost someone in service to our country. So, we’re highlighting our customer David Drumm, who brought the amazing organization Wreaths Across America to Clayton, New Mexico.

Wreaths Across America Clayton

In November of 2013, David Drumm was attending his father in- law’s funeral at Ft. Bayard National Cemetery and noticed a flyer for Wreaths Across America. After reading about the program, David thought it was a great way to honor our veterans and wanted to know if he could bring this program to Clayton. David reached out to Judy Steen, who was The Chamber Director at the time, and asked if she thought it was possible to bring this program to Clayton. Judy contacted the Wreaths Across America (WAA) organization and set Clayton up as a participating cemetery in the WAA project.  The first wreath sponsor drive and ceremony were held the following year, in 2014.

When asked why he was so driven to bring the WAA program to Clayton, David said, “As a veteran myself, I thought it was a special way to honor all those who have served and to make sure they are never forgotten.” He continued, “I think it is especially significant to honor, not just the veterans, but also their families during the Christmas season, a time when they are missing their loved ones.”

Clayton WAA is comprised of three volunteer directors, Judy Steen, Peter Freddie Rael and David Drumm.  Clayton WAA donations, specifically, are used to place wreaths on our own 569 local veterans in the Clayton Memorial Cemetery.  “We do offer the option to people, who wish to place a wreath at a different location, to purchase wreaths and pick them up and place them at that location,” said David.

In 2018, volunteers placed 1,800,000 wreaths at over 1,640 locations across all 50 states and overseas.  Wreaths Across America’s mission is:

REMEMBER: Our fallen U.S Veterans.

HONOR: Those who serve.

TEACH: Our children the value of freedom.

Saturday, December 14th is the official Wreaths Across America Day. To help lay the wreaths, contact David Drumm. For more information about the Wreaths Across America organization, visit