The entrepreneurial spirit comes to life in many ways. On National Entrepreneur Day, we’re highlighting a local business owner who caught the entrepreneurial spirit at a very young age.

Rebecca Unruh, owner of Becca’s Baked Goods, can remember standing on an old wooden dining room chair pulled up to the kitchen counter watching her Mom form poofy white dough into eight loaves of bread.  Her mother would pinch off a small ball of dough for Rebecca, and after her mother tucked her loaves safely into her well-used tin pans, she would let Rebecca have the counter. That was it. Rebecca was officially in love with baking, “I would knead and shape my small piece of dough and place it into my very own miniature loaf pan.  What fun it was to have my own loaf, which I would eat as soon as it was out of the oven,” said Rebecca.

Beccas Baked GoodsBecca in the Cabin

Rebecca went from just playing with the dough, to taking the lead on preparing and baking all eight loaves by herself.  And in case you were wondering, she still uses that original recipe for her white bread, which was handed down from her Grandmother.

So, how does a mother of four go from baking for her family to baking for the whole community? “I have always loved to bake, and I love to feed people. After looking for more disposable income for my family, I decided to turn my love of baking into a small business.  It was a stab in the dark,” said Rebecca. One winter day three years ago, Rebecca decided to get the word out about this new venture. She whipped up a batch of cinnamon rolls, printed a small menu and went to several businesses in town, including Farmers & Stockmens Bank, to drop off samples of her baking and her menu. Not long after that trip the orders started coming in and it hasn’t stopped yet. If you’ve ever tried her baked goods – this will come as no surprise.

While it sounds like it was an easy process to get her business up and running, there were challenges. “My family is my number one priority and juggling the business and my family can be challenging at times. For example, I had no idea there would be so much paperwork when I turned my baking from a hobby into a business,” said Rebecca. In order to receive her business license in the State of New Mexico, Rebecca had to share her product labels, the list of ingredients and the recipes with the state.

When we asked if it was worth it, Rebecca stated, “I love my new friends – there are so many people I would not have met had I not shared my love of baking through my business.  There is something very rewarding when you make good food for people.” And that love is not restricted to New Mexico. Rebecca continued, “I love hearing feedback from my customers.  I recently mailed an order to Albuquerque and another to Garden City, KS.  Word of mouth is the best advertising!”

Rebecca’s love for her work shines through in the products she delivers. Her most popular menu items are Cinnamon Rolls, Butterhorn Rolls and her pies. But Rebecca’s favorites change with the season, “Right now, with fall here and the holiday season approaching, I love to make (and eat) Pumpkin Roll. There’s also nothing better than a batch of fresh German Peppernut Cookies and a cup of coffee on a cold day.”

When you arrive at Rebecca’s baking kitchen, which she refers to as “The Cabin,” you are greeted with a warm smile and the smell of fresh baked goods wafting toward you. It’s hard to deny that she loves what she does, and as the bank that helped Rebecca get her business off the ground, we know that she bakes from the heart.

Check out Rebecca’s holiday menu and her regular menu by clicking on the links below. Give her a call or a text to place your order- she prefers a few days’ notice, but if you have a spur of the moment request reach out and if she can fit you in, she absolutely will!

Link to Thanksgiving menu

Link to standard menu